Sunday, December 7, 2014

Winter Confessions of a Lifelong San Diegan

I am among a rare group of "native" San Diegans. Unlike permanent snow birds, I was born and raised right here in San Diego. Growing up here I became accustomed to outdoor malls, fresh tortillas, fish tacos, and sand on the floor of the car at all times. It wasn't until I got older that I realized how spoiled rotten living here has made me for any place else, especially in the winter.

It's kind of hard to explain, so let me just give you some examples...

  • When I say it's "freezing" out, I'm referring to a temperature within the range of 51 and 57 degrees. 58-67 F is "cold", and if it ever dropped below 51 degrees, I'd probably refuse to leave the house. 
  • I turn on my heater twice a year. I've never even seen a furnace.  

  • My "winter coat" is a sweatshirt.

  • When it hails, I text everyone I know. Then, I run out outside, collect as much ice as I can, and stash it in the freezer as a collectible.
  • If there are rain sprinkles in the forecast, I do all my errands the day before, then sit home and "wait it out".
  • Scarves are just a fashion statement.
  • Pulling out my "winter wardrobe" means buying socks.
  • I think rain boots and snow boots are the same thing. I own neither.

  • Once there was frost on my windshield. Fourteen years ago. It was obviously a monumental moment.

  • My air conditioner is running at this very moment. It's December.

  • Any amount of precipitation warrants a county-wide "Storm Watch".

  • Dressing in layers means putting a sweatshirt over my tank top.

  • I don't even understand what "winter tires" are.

  • I can't leave Christmas candy in the car or it will melt. 

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  1. haha - i totally relate! born & bred in SD! ;-)

  2. This is hilarious! I'm a native too and all of these things are spot on! :)

  3. Everything on your list is so true! I've lived here since I was 9yo and boy I'd be in trouble if I tried to live through a true winter in Minnesota now!

  4. Wow. Just wow. The weather outside my window this morning is -7C. Now, I know you're working those math muscles and understand that -7C part, but you've probably never heard of 'partially' sunny. :P It was a beautifully frosty, glistening morning, granted. But I would still rather be in California. There are only 2 weeks of the year I tolerate this weather and it's the weeks leading up to the Christmas holidays. After that, winter could disappear forever and I wouldn't miss it one bit. What I wouldn't give to have the sun and heat, year-round blooms, and even that marine layer to mess up my day! Be grateful for heat and I'll send you pictures of REAL cold just to remind you who is actually freezing! :)

  5. This made me laugh! Here in Colorado we can enjoy all four seasons in a matter of two to three days. I have to say I thought I would NOT be okay with winter but even after six years of living in the mile high city I still wake up giddy to the white stuff. The only hassle I have found about the whole winter weather is the layering... more than a sweatshirt over a tank!


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