Friday, September 2, 2011

Kid's Art Projects...Fun is Better Than Perfect

I've recently started at-home school lessons with my three year old, which included turning our dining room into a classroom. It's been so nice having a dedicated reading, art, and play area. Yesterday, I decided to do an "ocean" lesson. I thought we could have a beautiful blue background, covered with beautifully decorated paper fish and other ocean creatures, while reading a highly educational ocean book.

Well, of course that wasn't going to happen.

I should have realized the project was not going to be as amazing as I'd hoped when I decided to freehand draw the fish. It looks more like a Goldfish cracker than a fish from the sea. Oh well. So we continue.

Didn't have any blue construction paper, so had to settle for white with blue paint. It's okay. Then came the googly eyes and the glitter.

Then I freehand drew jellyfish...which my daughter thought were actually, octopus they will be. Notice how massive this Fish-Zilla is compared to the octopii.

So, the final product included many things not found in the sea. Turtles, an 11-eyed Fish-Zilla, and some dinosaurs stickers. But, my daughter had fun, got to sprinkle glitter to her heart's content, and we were able to spend a half hour of sweet time together, which is all I can ask for.


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