Saturday, August 3, 2013

Living Joyfully...Paradise Hidden

Last month, our family had the opportunity to take a vacation…our first such trip in six years. In that span, my husband had not taken more than two consecutive work days off, so it was a much needed break. While there, one of the waiters at a restaurant we ate at asked what sites we had seen. We listed off several spots we had visited, and asked him what else we should see during our trip.

“I’ve lived here my whole life,” he responded, “and you’ve probably seen more in your week here than I ever have.”

I was shocked that he had never taken advantage of his life in paradise, but then realized how true this is for all of us. When entrenched in the routines of life and work and school, we become so focused on getting things done, that we begin to forget the beauty that is all around us. I’m not just talking about tourist sites and nature either, although when was the last time you really took the opportunity to soak in the beauty of a sunset? When we’re focused on the tasks of life, we tend to forget the beauty of our family, of a roof over our heads, of food on the table. The beauty of the blessings we take for granted.

This week, try to look at life with new eyes. New eyes that see the beauty around you. When you walk outside to check the mail, listen to the birds. Next time you notice the sun setting, take a few minutes to let the peacefulness overwhelm your heart. Say “thank you” more often, and find something to marvel at. You might be surprised at how much paradise you can find hidden inside the nooks and crannies of a normally tedious routine

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